вторник, 1 июля 2014 г.

"немец" для "Немца" или ДОРОГИе авто чиновников Автодора

Судя по всему, в государственной компании Автодор живут настолько не бедно, что покупают для своего руководства такие не дешевые машины. Хотя нам машина нравится )
Жаль, что мы все-таки не влиятельные государственные служащие и лишены таких простых радостей жизни


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  1. Ну не на ведре же с гайками по нашим дорогам ездить. Чай не дураки, знают, кто и как их строил.

  2. Ваш блог никто не блокировал, в реестре РКН b0ltai не значится. Да и не дураки вам рекламу делать. Просто заблокировали другие бложики на wordpress, у которых один ip с вашим.

  3. http://2ip.ru/domain-list-by-ip/?domain=b0ltai.wordpress.com А какой из списка? У вас есть ссылка на это решение по блокировке блогов на вордпрессе?

  4. Hi, I've become a fan of your blog. You have amazing research skills (not mentioning, computer skills). I understand that your target is upper government in Russia and pro-Russian separatists. You never (correct me, if I wrong) touched Ukraine. Does it mean, you assume that Ukrainian government is spotless? Somehow, I think, you are too smart to think so... I understand, what being partiot means. It's kind of like being a parent - you always defend your child, even if you know that he has problems. BUT! If you see that your child became a serial killer. If he murder bunch of innocents... and keeps kiilling, would you do nothing? I'm talking about Kolomoisky. Yes, he is not your target audience, he is Ukrainian (well, Jewish, actually), but did it bother you at all that he sent 3,000 of (I don't know, what to call them. Hard to call them humans) to Odessa, paid for mass murder and cover-up, killed as many survivors as was able to locate, sent the whole city into fear and disbelive into any justice, and... merrily went to his enjoy his life in Switzerland? It's like the biggest injustice in Ukraine since, I don't know, Hitler? Stalin? Doesn't it bother you that someone could be SO much above the law? I know that you are not from Odessa, otherwise, it would. I like that city. It's always been one of a kind. It's people always been famous for their sense of humor, for free thinking, for loving their city to pieces... Now, you woudn't recognise them. They WISPER. they are afraid. They always known that corruption is everywhere, but now they learn that they can be burned, beaten, raped, cut their hands off, shot in the face, and... nobody would do anything about it. People, who supposed to punish the criminals, would be busy covering up and making up false paperwork. As much, as they wanted to show that people, killed May 2nd were Russians from Moscow, they couldn't. ALL of them were Ukainians and majority was from Odessa. Some of them were bypassers, who happen to be in the area, when fighting started and run, following others to the building to take cover. Like a mother and a boy that were just walking by. You can see him here (39:52) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GNgFEIb6Es with probably his mother behind him. And, here, I’m not sure, if its about the same boy, or not, a survivor tells that he and his mother were killed:(0:44) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUoYJ5Q9kjU How would you feel, if it was your mother and your little brother? Killed and hidden somewhere? I haven't seen honest politicians on any side, but this... It's already not your corruption. It's something that I thought existed only in the past, in old war movies. So, Russia declared Kolomoisky a criminal. Big deal. Bush was convicted by International War Tribunal! So, what. He is playing golf and enjoying bodyguards, huge pension and other perks of being a celebrity. Nobody can do anything to a billionare with good connections. I sent Poroshenko copies of documents showing that he sold aviation fuel to Ukrainian ministry of defence for inflated price. He sold WHOLESALE amount for the price higher than market price! There was no money on bulletproof vests, but he made another million? Nothing happened. He still the major of Dnepropetrovsk. Still respectful polititian and businessman with his own army of neo-nazi that, probably, even Poroshenko is afraid of. You don't find this interesting? Or, do you prefer snooping in something much less dangerous?

    Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 06:06:25 +0000 To: vvk55@hotmail.com

  5. Коко Шанель3 июля 2014 г. в 10:03

    А SMM "Автодора" делает "Апостол" Тины Канделаки и Васи Бровко.


    Слоган - "Дороги такие дороги". Это даже не издевка, а какая-то изощренная конспирология.

  6. LOL, смешная пропаганда. Беня не ангел, но выдумки про тысячи жидобандеровских карателей в Одессе вас выдали)